About Governance Practices

At Acadian Timber Corp., we continually strive to ensure that we have sound corporate governance practices to maintain investor confidence in the way in which we do business.

To ensure we communicate our practices and our commitment to strong corporate governance, we are proud to provide you with information on our Committees, our Practices, our Board of Directors and other related information.

A description of the Corporation’s corporate governance practices is set out, in PDF, below. To view any of these documents, you will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™, available free from the Adobe web site.

The Corporation and our Board of Directors are committed to working together to achieve strong and effective corporate governance, with the objective of promoting the long-term interests of the Corporation and the enhancement of value for all shareholders. We continue to review and improve our corporate governance policies and practices in relation to evolving legislation, guidelines and best practices. Our Board of Directors is of the view that our corporate governance policies and practices and our disclosure in this regard are comprehensive and consistent with the guidelines established by Canadian securities regulators.

Statement of Corporate Governance Practices
Board and Committee Charters
Acadian Code of Business Conduct
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