Acadian recognizes that our environment is fundamental to our existence, and that our businesses and the communities where we operate depend upon its health. We strive for excellence, leadership, sustainability, and competitive advantage – with integrity – through continual improvement in our environmental performance and management of forest land. For Acadian, sustainable forest management means creating economic growth while caring for society and the environment.
Acadian and its operations will integrate environmental protection into our business processes and decisions. Our belief in sustainable forest management means we are committed to:

Full Compliance

  • Comply fully with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations that affect our activities and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Employees are accountable for compliance with policy, procedures and laws.

  • Open Communications with Stakeholders
  • Work constructively with governments and regulators to ensure that requirements or regulations for our operations are scientifically and economically sound.
  • Engage in constructive dialogues with the communities in which we operate and other key stakeholders, and consider their views when we make our decisions.
  • Report regularly on our environmental performance.

  • Continual Improvement
  • Improve our environmental performance as the expectations of society change. We shall do this by using forest, energy and other resources effectively, and by reducing all forms of waste, including a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets for environmental management and performance improvement.
  • Provide our employees with information and training for them to fully integrate this policy into their responsibilities at work and promote relevant training for our contractors.

  • Understand Our Environmental Performance
  • Implement systematic environmental management that supports this policy at every operation.
  • Evaluate the environmental performance of our operations and personnel.
  • Conduct environmental audits of our operations at a frequency appropriate to their risks.

  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Manage forests in a manner consistent with the principles of sustainable forestry, this policy and applicable legislation.
  • Continually identify, evaluate, and control the environmental risks associated with our operations.
  • Ensure procedures are in place to respond to emergencies.

  • Acadian requires its operations to ensure policies, systems, and competencies contribute to environmental performance consistent with these principles. Acadian requires all employees to take responsibility for environmental protection in their jobs.

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